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Locally Owned Gym in stevens point

Site Logo White - Stevens Point Gym - Habit Fitness
Dumbell White

We are a locally owned, non-corporate/franchise gym in Stevens Point, WI


My Gym, Members, Equipment and Community comes before everything.

My focus is my Members, Equipment and Community and building a space that I want, and support those who also want to be here. I’m a hands on owner who is in the gym with you every day – not some distant owner looking at numbers. I’m always looking for ways to improve the gym from new equipment down to organization and quality of life changes. I expect and hold every member to the same standards: Respect the gym, equipment and members. Leave things better than you found them, and positivity only, I have no problem cancelling members. We don’t care if you’re brand new, experienced, powerlifter, bodybuilder, overweight, jacked, all we care about is if you’re a positive member to be around and wanting to get better. 

If you’re looking for a gym that supports you, new or experienced, reach out. Text me, Email me, ask any questions and everyone gets the first lift free to see if it’s a good fit, and there’s no risk, no contract, if you don’t like it during the first month – Cancel, there’s no contract. I’m not here to sell you, I’ll even tell you the other options in the area and point you in the right direction.

We also offer PERSONAL TRAINING. , 1 on 1 fully customized Training with Experienced Trainers, No brand new trainers, cookie cutter programs, if you’re interested check out the Personal Training Page and Reach out with any questions, Again, if we’re not the right fit I’ll point you in the right direction. 

If you’re looking for anything GROUP FITNESS related check out FIRE FITNESS in Plover – They’re the best in the business.


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What Stevens Point is Saying

Bennet K.
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"Habit Fitness took the intimidation out of lifting. When I was still just beginning it was the most welcoming gym. The members are super nice. habit is more of a community and makes exercise something to look forward to!"
Caleigh L.
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"The community here is great. a lot of freedom and tons of super respectful members. I created some of my best friends because of this place. absolutely zero judgement, and members are all at different stages of their journeys, but everyone is super uplifting and encouraging!"
Hannah S.
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"There is a strong aspect of community, no matter how long you have been there. Everyone is friendly and willing to help and encourage you! Everyone genuinely wants to see you succeed no matter what your goal is!"
Aaron H.
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Stopped in as a guest from out of town. Great smaller gym with all the right equipment, staff and atmosphere to get in a quick workout while on the road for the holidays. Best wishes to the great owner on building this gym out to be bigger and better. Cheers from NC!
Zachary W.
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This is hands down the best gym I’ve used and I’ve been working out for 15 years now. I live an hour and a half away but still make it a point to get in there every now and then. Never felt more at home in a gym than I have here.
Shelby S.
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I’m a travel LPN and don’t make it to this gym much unfortunately! But I wish I had a gym like this in every city I traveled to . A great variety of equipment/weights , it’s not over packed with cardio equipment like most gyms . Has a friendly/family feel to it , lots of support around .
Benjamin P.
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I go here almost everyday at this point. I love it every time! It is the straight forward type of gym without any outrageous rules. I would say my favorite part is the deadlift bar. It makes a huge difference.
Lindsay R
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I started at this gym a couple of months ago and loving it. It is super clean, has great equiptment, with friendly and respectful members and owner. Habit Fitness is always looking to improve and has shown it with many new equiptment additions and improvements in the short time I've been a member. It continues to be a very motivating environment where you can keep pushing yourself. Check it out!!
Site Logo White - Stevens Point Gym - Habit Fitness

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Dumbell White
Site Logo White - Stevens Point Gym - Habit Fitness

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Site Logo White - Stevens Point Gym - Habit Fitness
Dumbell White

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