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Andy Peterson

Owner / Personal Trainer

I’m the Gym Dad around here. After many unhappy years at other gyms I decided to open my own spot – Habit.

I like to keep things short and simple. My take on personal training is to make small changes that create big results. Build up the correct habits and it will just become a daily thing. Nobody wants being healthy to be a job, so let’s not make it a job. We will build from the base up, and make sure everything is done correctly from the start. Habits are tough to break, so let’s build the good ones.

Personal Trainer for over 7 Years.



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Looking for Trainers

Personal Trainer

Attention all Habit Fitness members! Exciting news alert! A new personal trainer will be joining us very soon. This is an excellent opportunity for all those who are looking for a new challenge in their workouts or for those who are looking to improve their fitness levels. Our new personal trainer has a passion for health and fitness and is dedicated to helping you reach your goals. Whether you are interested in weight loss, building muscle, or simply improving your overall health, our new trainer has the knowledge and expertise to guide you every step of the way. Get ready to push yourself to new heights and make the most of your Habit Fitness experience with our new personal trainer!

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Let's Talk Training

Why Personal Training?

Personal Training is just that, Personal. It goes far beyond being someone who’s there during a workout or someone filling a space / training time. No plug and play Trainers or Programs. Like we said: A Trainer is like a friend that makes you get your shit together.

Our Goal is to not only help you reach your goals, but to teach you how, and build the Habits that will keep you going day in and day out. We aren’t here to train you forever, we’re here to get you where you need to be and teach you the knowledge and help you build the confidence to do it on your own.

Habits are tough to break, so let’s build some good ones.


Site Logo White - Stevens Point Gym - Habit Fitness
Site Logo White - Stevens Point Gym - Habit Fitness
Site Logo White - Stevens Point Gym - Habit Fitness
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